Why Emmaus?

The Emmaus program provides Catholic access for encouragement and support through the sharing of faith and life journeys and building companionship to encourage the deepening of faith and confidence among Australian Catholic women.

Mentoring in a Catholic context can deepen one’s faith, help navigate the challenges of life, and provide connection with others in the wider Church community. It is a tool of empowerment which can help us to become what God created us to be.

“My mentor encouraged me and prayed with and for me. During our catchups, we would share what is on our hearts and any prayer intentions. Because of this, I felt the fruits from her prayer and gentle encouragements particularly when it came to striving/ practicing particular virtues.” Pilot Program Mentee

The scripture of the Road to Emmaus was a key inspiration in the planning of this program. The theme of two people walking on a journey together with Jesus amongst them portrays exactly what spiritual accompaniment is. We are inviting women to simply walk alongside each other on a spiritual journey. The spiritual life is not meant to be lived in isolation. We are made for communion. We truly believe that when women encounter this experience of connection with others, it will bear fruit for God’s kingdom.

God created women with unique gifts, talents and skills. The world needs the ‘feminine genius.’ Catholic women who are strong and affirmed in their faith and their capabilities can do amazing things to transform society. Faith-filled women, on fire with the Holy Spirit, can be the hands and feet of God through their lives.