Mentoring and Accompaniment

Women today have never had so much freedom, independence and opportunity, however, they have never felt so alone, disconnected and dissatisfied. CWN is such a necessary place for encounter, encouragement and connection Jessica Doherty, CWN Officer

Catholic Women’s Network (CWN) aims to empower women to use their gifts and talents to make meaningful and significant contributions to the Australian Church and increase their positive impact on Australian society.

God created women with unique gifts, talents and skills. The world needs the ‘feminine genius.’ Catholic women who are strong and affirmed in their faith and their capabilities can do amazing things to transform society. Faith-filled women, on fire with the Holy Spirit, can be the hands and feet of God through their lives.

The CWN mentoring program provides Catholic access for encouragement and support through the sharing of faith and life journeys, and building companionship to encourage the deepening of faith and confidence among Australian Catholic women.

More information on the CWN mentoring program will be available soon.