Australian Young Catholic Women’s Fellowship 2024/2025

Formation for missionary leadership


The Australian Young Catholic Women’s Fellowship (hereafter called “the Fellowship”) focuses on the formation, accompaniment, voice and contribution of women in the Catholic Church in Australia.

This long term and deep formative experience enables women to be intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and personally formed for effective leadership roles in the communities in which they live and work.


The Fellowship is offered over a two-year period, supporting participants academic and faith formation.

The 2024/2025 Fellowship includes:

  • Course Fees Subsidy – Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies
    For the 2024/25 Fellowship, the BCELM has chosen the Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies (Women’s Leadership for Mission) as the academic course for financial sponsorship. Acceptance and participation in the academic course are at the discretion of ACU, traditionally requiring an undergraduate qualification.

    Participants are responsible for enrolment and arranging the payment of course fees. The BCELM will reimburse $1000 for each of the four academic units (total of $4000) upon proof of enrolment. Students can pay the balance of fees directly or through a tertiary loan scheme.

    Value per Fellowship participant: $4000 (see Participant Agreement for more details)
  • Fellowship Gatherings and Travel
    Participants will have flights, accommodation and meal costs covered to attend a Fellowship gathering each year (proposed March 2024 and October 2025- tbc). Each gathering will include formation experiences and be held in conjunction with a presentation of the academic course. Gatherings are expected to be four days depending on travel times and will require time away from your workplace and family.
    Value per Fellowship participant: up to $3000 (see Participant Agreement for more details)
  • Community
    A short term community of participants will be established for the duration of the fellowship. This will be enabled through time together at national gatherings, online sessions in between academic semesters, and through closed social media strategies. Community participants will be introduced to past alumni, mentors, church leaders, events, initiatives and resources, and be accompanied for the duration of the fellowship. Previous Fellowship communities have tended to continue networking beyond the duration of the Fellowship.
  • Spiritual Guidance
    Participants will be introduced to:
    Spiritual Direction: ongoing spiritual discernment of their faith and daily life.
    Called and Gifted Discernment Process: designed to discern the presence of the Holy Spirit’s gifts/charisms in your life.


  • Applications open on Tuesday 10 October (see application process above)
  • Application close on Thursday 16 November.
  • Interviews will be held in the week of Monday 27 November.
  • Applicants will be notified of outcome by week of Monday 11 December
  • Acceptance of the offer will be in the form of a signed Participant Agreement by the end of December 2023, allowing you to enrol into ACU’s Women’s Leadership for Mission course.

If you would like further information about the Fellowship, please email the National Centre for Evangelisation at [email protected]. If you would prefer a phone conversation, please indicate in the email.

FULL INFORMATION ABOUT THE FELLOWSHIP CAN BE FOUND HERE Leadership for Mission Program – 2021-2022 – National Centre for Evangelisation, Australia (