CWN Beloved Retreat

Women today have never had so much freedom, independence and opportunity, however they have never felt so alone and dissatisfied.

We live in a busy, loud and ever changing world where so many voices are competing for our attention. The loudest voices are the ones that are telling us we are not good enough, we don’t measure up, and we are too much. These voices are so loud that we often can’t hear the only voice that really matters. That small, still voice that calls us by our name, the voice that calls us BELOVED.

Catholic Women’s Network, an initiative of Sydney Centre for Evangelisation, invites women of Sydney to come on the Beloved Retreat on Saturday, 5 November 2022 from 8:30am-5:30pm where they are given the opportunity to take time out from the busy world to still their body, mind and heart so as to connect with other women and receive the loving gaze of The Father who loves them.

The Beloved Retreat is a place where every woman can come to know their fundamental identity as a beloved daughter of God who truly sees them, knows them and loves them. These retreats are an incredible avenue for grace and healing for women of all ages and stages along their faith journey.  There is something for everyone with talks centered on the theme of ‘Beloved’ from Jessica Doherty, Sr Mary Julian Ekman and Fr Daniele Russo.  The day also includes reflection, praise and worship, confession, creative expression, Holy Mass and healing Eucharistic Adoration all in the beautiful surrounds of Benedict XVI Retreat Centre.

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