Didasko: Adult Faith Formation

Goodness, Beauty, Truth: An Introduction to Themes and Thinkers in Philosophy

Presented by Dr Catherine Wesselinoff

Dates:   Thursdays 5, 12 and 19 October 2023
Time:    7:30pm – 8:45pm
Mode:  Online via Zoom
Cost:    $35 per person (+ booking fees),
$100 for Parish Groups (+ booking fees)

Description: This course serves as an introduction to central issues in philosophy. The course covers three philosophical subdisciplines: ethics, aesthetics and epistemology. It opens with ethics and discusses general questions about values, goodness and responsibility. The middle session is on aesthetics and considers the nature of beauty and whether beauty is objective or subjective. The final part of the course is on epistemology and is concerned with the question “What is truth?” and the nature of justified belief.

The Presenter: Dr Catherine Wesselinoff is a lecturer at the University of Notre Dame, Australia, where she teaches courses in the history of philosophy, political philosophy, ethics, and aesthetics. She completed her PhD at the University of Sydney in 2022, her Masters from the University of Oxford in 2012, and her undergraduate studies at the Australian National University in 2009.