Women’s Day Retreat with Sonja Corbitt

Sonja Corbitt is a Catholic author and speaker who has produced several Bible Studies. Join her on a women’s day retreat as she discusses two very important topics: how to pray like Mary and how to heal your inner child.

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Wednesday 18th July 2023 (9:30AM-2:30PM)


Marymount Mercy Centre

36 David Rd, Castle Hill New South Wales 2154


Catholic Women’s Network – https://www.catholicwomensnetwork.org/contact-us/


9:30 am – Talk 1: How to Pray Like Mary

Pope Francis once called Mary the “mother of listening,” because she didn’t just hear (or read) the word, she understood how to interpret it in light of her own relationships, circumstances, and habits.

LOVE the Word® invites Our Blessed Mother to guide each of us in her personal “listening” practice. We learn how to LOVE the Word® like Mary, from Mary. She teaches us a powerful way of interpreting the word we hear and read through the landscape of our lives.

10:45 am – Morning Tea

11:15 am – Talk 2: Healing Your inner Child

None of us is born an adult. We have to learn everything as we grow. To prevent our brains from having to relearn skills from start to finish, over and over, we develop muscle memory and psychological memory. But psychological memory develops when we are children with a child’s immature coping abilities; such coping mechanisms continue to operate through psychological memory long after we have grown into adulthood when they have become outdated and even destructive. We find our selves handling adult problems like children. This can be particularly problematic when we have experienced trauma and continue to live from that experience. Learn to reconnect to your inner child to heal and reparent immature coping mechanisms so that you live in freedom, creativity, and love.

12:30 pm – Lunch

1:30 pm – Prayer in Chapel

2:00 pm – Mass

2:30 pm – Finish